About Aegir Seafood

Aegir Seafood AS is a Norwegian seafood company specialised in delivering fresh and frozen, superior quality Norwegian seafood worldwide.

Aegir seafood is a daughter company of O.Skarsbø AS, which was established in 1917 also with specialty in fresh fish, and the company has had a long tradition of handling fresh fish from Norway.

The founders of O. Skarsbø AS and Aegir Seafood AS have extensive experience within the fresh and frozen fish industry, including processing and logistics operations, in order to be able to deliver the highest quality of fresh Norwegian seafood around the world.

Our main focus and passion is to deliver the highest quality seafood, the best customer experience, and the most efficient logistics operations, all with our primary goal to supply you with fresh and frozen Norwegian seafood directly from the Norwegian fjords.

Aegir Seafood AS – Norway is an official member of the Norwegian seafood council (organisation number – 817877192)
Aegir Seafood AS – Norway is an official licensed seafood exporter (registration number – 06027)

+47 95 44 62 55